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The Academy – Developing technical expertise

From solving a leak at a customer’s house to developing a new app for insurance partners, everyone at Auger plays their part, whatever it takes. Discover the Auger Academy experience.


New engineers in the academy are initially partnered in their area with two ‘buddies’ who are senior members of staff who look after them. This is supported by bespoke software tools and apps which allow trainers to file progress reports quickly and easily from wherever they are in the UK.

Training Hub

Developing our own online training centre ‘The Hub’ with bespoke courses for all disciplines enables all parties to keep track of their training and development competencies.

Technology First

We believe in developing technology to help us, and to retain the personal aspect of our company. Our bespoke suite of apps means that our engineers have their weekly schedule available online and only need to worry about spending time with their family when they get home – not doing arduous paperwork.

How it works

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to one of our assistant engineers and their trainer discuss life in the Academy.


With the development in new skills comes a transparent progression through the organisation with regular six-monthly reviews to track progress – and the opportunity to increase pay and bonuses.


Beyond a competitive salary we provide a fully equipped company vehicle with a fuel card, a company phone and tablet device. Other benefits of the role include a company pension, annual bonus, staff incentives and a Monday to Friday working week with the option to work overtime.


We aim for assistant engineers to graduate from the academy within 18 months of joining us to become fully qualified engineers with their own fully equipped vehicles. In order to graduate engineers must have been signed off by a Senior Engineer who has confirmed that they are competent in all aspects of their new role. Graduates retain the full support and continued training and development that is available to all engineers.


The academy provides the opportunity for all engineers to upskill and increase their value. Engineers can enter at any level depending on their experience and skills, from assistants to full drain-repair engineers, water mains, drainage investigations and repair engineers, with industry tickets maintained as you progress. With the development in new skills comes a transparent progression through the organisation with regular six-monthly reviews to track progress – and the opportunity to increase pay and bonuses.

Our investment in people never stops
Training & nurturing our most valuable asset

Qualified & Ticketed

We ensure you have the qualifications and tickets needed to safely and competently undertake your job

Online Training Centre

We provide you with access to The Hub, providing full visibility so you can track your progress and competencies.

Technology First

Tech is at the heart of everything we do. We use it to remove stress and hassle from your day. Our apps are simple enough to be used by anybody.

Watch - Why we like working at Auger

We asked a selection of the team why they enjoy working at Auger. Their responses made us proud about the culture and environment that we have created here at Auger House. Listen to members of the Auger Family discuss why this is the right place for you.

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