Why am I here?

Auger provide engineering services to the insurance industry via loss adjusters or insurance companies directly. Auger’s services include drainage and water mains surveys, repairs and validations as well as site investigations for subsidence claims.

Auger are working on your behalf and believe in providing the best customer service in the industry whilst keeping you fully informed throughout your claim. You will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact throughout your claim.

For your peace of mind:

  • Auger undertake CRB checks on all staff.
  • Auger’s engineers always carry ID cards and use our liveried vehicles.
  • Auger’s technicians and engineers are all multi-skilled and have the necessary qualifications.
  • Auger provide timed appointments scheduled for your convenience.
  • Auger provide an industry-leading 10 year DrainShield Guarantee supported by our professional indemnity insurance to give you complete peace of mind.

Auger are proud to offer class-leading customer service but we are always keen to look for ways to continue to improve. In the unlikely event that you are not entirely happy with any element of our service please contact us.

Data protection: We need your name and contact details to arrange site inspections and to organise any remedial works. All our telephone calls are recorded for purposes of evidencing key developments and decisions and for training purposes. We will keep your personal data confidential, only sharing it when legally required to do so or to progress your claim e.g. with approved subcontractors to carry out remedial works. Credit and debit card details are held in accordance with industry security standards.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm
0151 630 5886*
*On our first conversation with you we may provide alternative contact details in order to direct your correspondence to the right person.
Home owner?


Auger is an independent specialist serving the insurance industry for drainage and water mains claims across the UK.

Auger: Whatever it Takes

We’re intensely proud of what we do. We’re committed to getting the job done... we’ll do whatever it takes. We use our knowledge and cutting edge technology to put things right, and we’ll act swiftly with you in mind every step along the way. We’ll do whatever it takes.

If you’re one of our valued insurance partners, you’ll get a service that won’t let you down. We know how important it is to provide a service that will help protect your reputation with customers. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your reputation is upheld. We don’t say this lightly. We understand that this is a bold statement but it’s one that we live and breathe.

What sets us above the rest

Customer Journey

A dedicated account manager provides a single point of contact for the customer and maintains regular contact with them throughout the duration of the claim. Auger employ qualified and skilled engineers to carry out detailed site investigations using the latest technology and deliver industry-leading reports promptly following the site visit.

Claim Lifecycle

Auger believe in measures of minutes and hours, not days and weeks. We have the systems, processes and technology to deliver the most efficient and proactive service possible. This is complemented by trained account managers following a customer-focussed process designed to give the policyholder peace of mind and a swift resolution.

Claim cost

Auger focus on accurate diagnosis and engineer-led decision making before applying your claims philosophy to design suitable and innovative solutions. By utilising the latest technology and equipment Auger can deliver cost-effective and successful solutions that minimise disruption and inconvenience to the customer to ensure a satisfying customer journey.

A bit about us

Who we are?

  • Established for 20 years.
  • Servicing the insurance sector where we can add real value.
  • Committed to customer care and engineering excellence.

Nationwide Coverage

Grown from a North West to National supplier providing outstanding value and service for the insurance sector.

Investors in People

  • Account managers committed to customer care.
  • Dedicated to recruiting the best engineers and technicians available.
  • Continual staff training and development.

What we are committed to

  • Compliance - meeting and achieving the highest industry requirements.
  • Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Health & Safety - accredited, essential & non-negotiable.
  • Environmental - committed to protecting the environment at all times.
  • Information Security - fully compliant with the highest security standards.
  • Business Continuity - planned and tested should the worst happen.




Water Mains


Claims Management



Unlike many of our competitors, Auger are not a franchise, but instead evolved from an engineering background to become one of only two companies to be fully WRc approved in accordance with the Drain Repair Book – the insurance industry standard for surveying and repairing domestic drainage systems.

Auger only employ qualified engineers who are experienced and competent in every aspect of their role and can undertake all the services we provide. Auger are renowned for dealing with complex problems and using technical excellence to provide innovative solutions.


Auger's fully-equipped vehicles enable a high first visit success rate and utilise industry-leading technology and techniques.


High pressure water jetters can restore functionality to drainage issues within four hours of instruction.


Auger pride themselves on succeeding where others have failed.

Non-standard investigations on Septic Tanks, Drainage Fields, Culverts and Basements form part of everyday life.

DrainShield UK

DrainShield UK – our industry-leading 10 year warranty on all our drainage repairs – is provided to you at no extra cost, highlighting our commitment to technical expertise and high standards of workmanship and customer care.

CCTV Surveys

Using the latest CCTV technology Auger Survey the drainage system, Report the condition, apply the policy, recommend the resolution and Repair the fault.

Drain Repairs

All repairs are undertaken in accordance with WRc standards and provide effective and innovative solutions to minimise disruption while managing claims spend.

Desktop Validation Service

Comprehensive Desktop Validations on third party contractors information comment on liability, scoping and cost in accordance with your policy and claims philosophy.


Changing weather patterns have made subsidence a reality for many of today's UK homeowners. Auger provide a market-leading Subsidence Service for many of the UK’s insurers and loss adjusters, handling Subsidence claims and providing a first-rate investigation and repair service.

Auger provide a number of bespoke Site Investigation services for Subsidence claims and can design a product and process that will provide you with the information you require.

Site Investigation

All undertaken to the appropriate British Standards, Auger utilise a variety of methods to:

  • Confirm ground conditions
  • Identify foundation details
  • Undertake in-situ strength tests
  • CCTV survey the drainage system

Laboratory Analysis

Auger’s UKAS accredited labs provide a comprehensive testing service for soil/roots/concrete/water. Auger provide a full lab report to exacting standards.


Crack and level monitoring enables Auger’s clients to establish whether movement is ongoing or not.

Drain Repairs

All repairs are undertaken in accordance with WRc standards and provide effective and innovative solutions to the area of damage that minimise disruption whilst managing claims spend.


Qualified Arboriculturists provide expertise where there is an interaction between trees and structures.

A full site-specific report identifies the appropriate cause of action and necessary tree mitigation works.

DrainShield UK

DrainShield UK – Auger's industry-leading 10 year warranty on all our drainage repairs – is provided to you at no extra cost, highlighting our commitment to technical expertise and high standards of workmanship and customer care.

Water Mains

Auger’s Water Mains service is built around applying the latest technology to detect and resolve leaking underground water supply pipes that are often difficult to locate.

Auger apply a variety of techniques to locate leaks in and around domestic and commercial properties. A single site visit will aim to locate the leak and return the pipe back to its previous functionality including reinstating the existing surface all in accordance with your claims philosophy.

Where possible Auger can utilise moling repair techniques to minimise surface disturbance and disruption.

Auger provide a full report detailing their investigations, the findings, comment on liability and detail of any repairs that have been undertaken.

Ground Microphone

Tracer Gas


Auger evolved from a structural engineering background and has always prided itself on technical excellence.

In order to maintain and develop this excellence Auger retain a team of structural engineers and building surveyors to develop and support the core drainage, water mains and subsidence services whilst providing a resource for more complex engineering projects and services.

Auger provide engineering services on a range of high value projects and can utilise this resource to enhance the core services into truly unique offerings in the marketplace.

Claims Management

Auger's Claims Management process complements the drainage and water mains services and is designed to make all claims as efficient and cost-effective as possible for our clients. We are committed to offering a single point of contact – a dedicated account manager leading the customer relationship throughout the claim journey.

1. Triage

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Understand circumstances
  • Fully explain process

2a. Validate

  • Qualified technician
  • Full review of available information
  • Applying your claims philosophy

2b. Attend Site

  • Experienced engineer
  • Single visit with all equiptment
  • Findings sent back direct from site

3. Report

  • Industry-leading report
  • Available online 24/7
  • Clearly states further actions

4. Communicate Outcome

  • Customer specific copy of report
  • Decision explained over the phone
  • Advice for resolution provided

5. Repair

  • Only insurable works
  • Most economical solution applied
  • Policy excess collected


Auger's validation service complements the Drainage & Water Mains services.

Using our qualified engineers and technicians Auger’s validation services provide an independent quality control audit and allow our clients to keep full control of repair scoping and claim spend.

1. Triage

  • Understand circumstances
  • Fully explain process
  • Request required info

2. Evidence

  • Liaise directly with customer and contractor
  • Proactive approach to obtaining evidence
  • Obtain sufficient info to confirm liability

3. Desktop Validation

  • Review evidence
  • Consider scope, cost and feasibility
  • Apply policy / claims philosophy

4. Outcome

  • Clear and concise report
  • Outcome explained to customer
  • Option for Auger to repair

Benefit of Auger’s Validation Services

  • Identifies and confirms extent of liability
  • Substantially reduce risk of fraud, over-scoping and over-pricing
  • All costs are aligned to acceptable and fair insurance industry rates
  • Auger provide an alternative option as a credible insurer approved contractor

Innovation & Technology

Auger firmly believe that technology and innovation are key to improving the customer journey whilst reducing claims duration and cost.

Technological Innovation

An emphasis on technology and innovation ensures that we continue to provide a service that is more efficient, accurate and user-friendly than our competitors.

  • Fully integrated systems that interact directly with Auger’s clients to provide real time information
  • Detailed management information provided in a simple and engaging manner
  • Data analytics inform the development of new processes designed to improve customer journey whilst reducing claim spend and duration
  • 24/7 online client portal providing complete transparency and access to our claims
  • iTouch site based technology enables our operatives to interact with the office in a truly live environment
  • Draft reports generated within minutes of completing our investigations on site


Auger utilise Eden, a bespoke claims management system, and iTouch, our field-based technology, to provide an agile platform on which our services are built. .

We believe in harnessing technology to provide the data that is necessary to deliver:

  • An industry-defining report
  • Bespoke & Valuable Management Information
  • Meaningful and timely communications
  • Live reporting and communication from site
  • A fully integrated solution for all parties

The Auger Report:

  • Interactive elements to convey our findings
  • Clear and concise non technical language
  • Further actions and recommendations for:
    • Insurer
    • Customer - Auger
  • Full existing and proposed site layouts Comprehensive technical detail
  • A customisable format designed for your handlers
  • Click on the image to view an example report for in-depth detail