Whatever it takes… to keep your customers high and dry



Here at Auger, our aim is to offer a service built around applying the latest technology, allowing us to detect and resolve leaking underground water supply pipes. These are often difficult to locate and can cause undue problems, which should be handled responsibly.

Our water mains services include:


  • Applying a range of technology to efficiently locate external leaks
  • Domestic and commercial properties
  • Reinstate existing surfaces in accordance with claims philosophy
  • Repair previous functionality
  • Moling repair techniques (or trenchless technology) to minimise surface disturbance and disruption


By utilising these methods, we are able to repair and replace water mains pipes with minimal mess and disruption to the surrounding environment, whilst still providing our partners with a cost-effective and strategic service.

We also provide a full, detailed report illustrating our investigations and findings, as well as outlining the work that has been undertaken.

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