Whatever it takes… getting to the root
of the problem



With increasing changes to the environment and shifting weather patterns, subsidence has become a growing reality for UK homeowners.

This is one of the most serious problems that can affect a property, which is why Auger provides a market-leading subsidence service to UK insurers, delivering the highest quality investigation and repairs. We are committed to providing your customers with the best service throughout difficult times.

Our bespoke and tailor-made site investigations allow you to create the most appropriate products for your customers; we provide the relevant information, giving you the knowledge you need to support your clients.

Our subsidence services include:

  • Site investigations
  • Confirm ground conditions
  • Identify foundation details
  • Undertake in-situ strength tests
  • CCTV survey the drainage system
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Crack and level monitoring
  • Drain repairs
  • Qualified arboriculturalists



All of Auger’s work is undertaken to the appropriate British Standards, ensuring that we provide not only a high-quality service, but also in line with industry regulations.

Auger’s UKAS accredited labs provide intense testing service for soil, roots, concrete, and water. Our comprehensive lab reports and analysis offer all the information required to make informed decisions, as well as falling in line with industry standards.

We ensure that all repairs are undertaken in accordance with WRc standards and include our industry leading 10 year warranty on all drainage repairs. DrainShield UK is our guarantee on the quality of our work, backing up our commitment to repairing any issue with high levels of technical aptitude and flair.

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