Whatever it takes… ensuring your off mains

services are functioning

Septic Tank Claims

Off Mains Systems

Auger are specialists when it comes to off mains drainage systems, including cesspits, septic tanks and sewerage treatment plants. The repair and replacement of these types of system are often expensive and it is important to understand at the outset why they are not functioning, as they should.

Issues can be related to accidental damage or wear and tear and it is important to understand not only the cause, but also terms of policy cover. Common defects are missing dip pipes, or collapsed baffles which can adversely affect the function of the drainage field. It is important that we consider the age and condition of the soakaway or drainage field that serve the tanks. If this has become clogged or ineffective due to a build up of silt and sediment or a high ground water table, then the tank will require more regular emptying. Auger use specialist equipment in their investigation, which will commonly include:

  • Tank emptying
  • Tank condition inspection
  • Check for inappropriate surface water connections
  • Excavation on drainage field or soakaway
  • Checking ground conditions & ground water table
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