Empowering your claims teams with our cutting edge technology.

The user experience your people deserve

We create solutions to ensure that your handlers have all the information they require at their fingertips. Our client portal provides a platform for your staff to access full and transparent information with ease. It can also accommodate any remote audits that you may wish to conduct with ease.

Origin, has all the required functionality of a client portal but without any of the clunkiness associated with such platforms. A focus on ease and simplicity for the end-user is achieved with a familiar interface that enables your team to easily adopt the system.

We have designed the portal to ensure that it has the familiarity of popular website interfaces, putting customers at ease straight away.

The aim of the portal is to ensure that we provide your customers with somewhere they can contact directly, without the need to call. This provides a higher quality of customer service, as customers can simply find information out easily via the portal or get in touch, allowing account managers to focus their attention on the enquires and respond swiftly.

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