Powering our team to deliver the most efficient service in the industry.

A cutting edge Claims Management System

Whatever it takes… to effectively manage claims

We know that having an effective and efficient claims management system in place is vital for the success and seamless running of your company. That’s why Auger has created a system that enables you to provide clients with all the information they require.

Eden also utilises geo technology which enables us to schedule a national field team, directly employed by Auger, to repair and restore whatever job is required. Eden powers our operation and can power yours too, customising reports to any client’s needs, as well as providing a wide-range of information to both you and the claimant.



Our claims management system was designed specifically for handling ADUS claims. It empowers our claims team to deliver the best possible service by ensuring that they take a pro-active approach to every claim. Built-in intelligence provides the visibility needed to enable the team to keep every claim progressing in the most expedient manner possible.



Eden has been optimised for data collection and reporting. The system enables us to provide insight to clients over every aspect of their claims book. We use data to help inform our decision making process throughout the claim. It enables us to pro-actively manage claims and ensures that we provide the most informative and accurate suite of Management Information to our clients.



We’re passionate about ensuring that we deliver the best possible service every time. Fully customisable SLA’s and milestone are programmed into the heart of Eden to ensure we meet or exceed expectations throughout the claims process. We deliver comprehensive and transparent monthly MI to evidence our service delivery.



Eden allows the flexibility to enable us to satisfy the demands of our clients whilst enabling us to accommodate the needs and requirements of our customer. We ensure everyone is kept up to date throughout the claim and work tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of every customer.

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