When instructed to investigate the flooding at a beautiful Country Inn dating back to 1860, Auger found that the property had been built over the top of a stream, but it wasn’t that straightforward. The stream runs into a stone culvert and this had been backing up into the basement for some reason. Due to the various types of construction and the depth of the running water in this narrow tunnel it was not easy to survey but dye tests proved that this was the cause of the flooding.

Auger’s engineer was able to traverse 60m of the culvert below the building before it narrowed. Investigations were able to show that the culvert ran through two 19-inch pipes which were later additions; and it was these that had partially collapsed below the hotel. Parts of the original stonework (matching the building) were in superb condition considering they were over 150 years old, and unsurprisingly it was the more modern additions with clay pipes and concrete backfill that had failed. Thanks to our intrepid Engineer another Mystery solved.

  • ISSUE Flooding
  • YEAR 2016
  • LOCATION North Yorkshire
  • SOLUTION Pipe Repair
  • OUTCOME Mystery Solved
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