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by David Brewster / February 07,2019 / Published in Auger Company News, Auger Family,
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The start of another year is special this time round for Auger. It’s our 25th anniversary and we want to share the experience with our staff and partners who have helped build the business into what it is today.

We are planning to celebrate our achievements – without resting on our laurels – and mark our 25th anniversary in a variety of ways so you’ll see and hear more from us as the year unfolds.

From humble beginnings with just a handful of us, we’ve grown into the leading provider of water mains and drainage services for the insurance industry across the UK, with more than 120 staff.

Whether it’s repairing a defective drain, developing cutting edge technology to streamline the claims process or delivering the best customer service in the industry, we now have the level of skills which are unequalled.

Indeed, our dedicated labour force of skilled engineers on the road means we can offer the same consistent high level of service wherever we are in the UK.

At our headquarters at Wallasey on the Wirral, we are developing our own Academy to ensure that every single entrant into our organisation gets the support and training they need to be the best.

For our insurer clients, this means peace of mind when one of our account managers picks up the phone to a customer and an engineer visits them to resolve their problem.

There have also been tough times in what is a tough industry. But the guiding principles of Auger have always put the customer first and our mantra to all our staff of doing whatever it takes has never been lost.

With the combination of technology, skilled people and a commitment to be the best, we have ambitions to be even better and to deliver new levels of service and experience to our customers.

This is Auger. Still getting the job done after 25 years.

Dave Brewster,

Managing Director,


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