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by Neil Wilks / September 01,2017 / Published in Auger Company News, Industry News,
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 Clients, like customers, expect access to live information and expect to access it without lifting the phone.

Providing a client portal is relatively straightforward, providing a portal that clients will want to use is a lot more challenging. Understanding the needs of the end users and their workflows enabled the client portal Origin to be designed accordingly. By designing the portal to Google’s latest Material Design Standards, we were able to provide an interface and experience that is aligned to many of the most popular and frequently used websites which ensures first time users have a familiarity from the start. The Origin portal is an element of the Clarity suite of apps which give all parties the information relevant and speedily to them on a unified platform. Origin provides clients with the visibility of their claims, while its counterpart Eden is the claims management system that keeps Auger’s internal staff in control. Mobile applications support the other parties with customers able to use Gravity to track their claim and field engineers utilising Atom to provide real-time reporting back to everyone. Full transparency is key. Clients can view all the notes and correspondence on a claim, and all documentation including invoices, reports and quotations is available 24/7. The engineers’ findings including their site photos can also be viewed on the client portal within minutes of completing the works on site. Clients are able to submit queries and provide information using the most interactive and frictionless tools on the market. They can also monitor customer sentiment and view the results of satisfaction surveys that have been completed. Origin also encourages client engagement by involving them in developing and enhancing the system for the future. Clients can submit ideas and suggestions for new and improved features and regularly provide their own sentiment on their experience, enabling Auger to continually develop a system that is future-proof.

Origin significantly reduces phone traffic to Auger and enables account managers to focus on service delivery, while clients benefit from increased efficiency and the convenience of improved visibility of their claims.

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