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by Nicola Lyon / February 12,2019 / Published in Auger Company News,
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As we grow and develop our network of more than 90 engineers serving the insurance industry across the UK, we don’t want to lose sight of our most important goal – customer service.

Our engineers in drainage, water mains and subsidence claims services are the best, but we can’t rest on our laurels and we strive to continually improve our levels of service through training and development.

To that end, we’ve committed to running practical training on site to support the theory at the Auger Academy.

Led by trainers Iain Jones and Dave Rogers, this will mean all of our engineers are learning and developing the skills of their trade.

With an increasing demand for young – and older – people with skills in engineering, we believe this will help bridge any gaps they may have and is a sign of our commitment to our own skills base at Auger.

Entry-level engineers cover skills including drainage and subsidence investigation, on-site safety, water mains drainage and drain repair with opportunities to progress to lead engineer.

Training under the Academy includes partnering engineers with senior staff, supported by industry-leading software tools and apps which allow staff to file information and reports quickly and easily from wherever they are in the UK.

The Auger Academy also provides learning for school leavers and graduates joining Auger who may be working in other fields at the company’s headquarters including surveying, accounting and IT.

For our insurer clients, this means peace of mind knowing we will get the job done, whatever it takes.

Ultimately, this all adds up to a smooth, efficient service for the customer. This is our purpose, and none of us in the industry should lose sight of that.

Nicola Lyon

Head of Recruitment and People Development


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