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by richard / August 07,2017 / Published in Industry News,
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Engine Service Design published a report regarding the standard of customer service in the UK. Although they polled just 1,025 UK adults, we are confident their findings are statistically relevant. They report the poorest performers are now Insurance (+2.9 %), Broadband (+3.3%), and Air Travel (+ 4.3%) worse.  In sharp contrast, the best performing industries are public services (-4.3%), Retail (-2.3%), Leisure (-1.7%), and Banking (-1.5% better). In all instances, the customer complaining was the next process in the chain.

The Next Process is Your Customer

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Joel C. Amante writes about ‘the next process is your customer’ in SCRIBD, in the context of total quality management. He describes how in our daily work we each hand on things to other people, who do something with them. These people could be the end users of our goods and services.

However, they can equally be other people in our organization, who refine the goods and services further in the next internal process.

These are our internal customers, the ‘they’ who take the blame when clients complain. When customers raise concerns providers often blame suppliers. IT and the delivery service are other regular fall guys. If total quality service is our goal, then we should examine every interface in our process. At Auger, whatever it takes ... we’re with you from start to finish and that’s a promise.

Some Useful Thoughts from Actuary Magazine

Chris Seekings, writing for the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries cites Engine Service Design cofounder Joe Heapy explaining, “Obviously insurers don’t have the day-to-day interaction that banks have, so they need to find ways to make themselves more relevant to customers more often.”

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“But people aren't asking the earth. The three things they value most when dealing with a company are honesty, efficiency, and reliability - and it’s been these three consistently for the last four years of the study.”

Joe Heapy goes on to explain how banking is improving, by using mobile and digital to gather data to enhance their service, and provide a more personalized experience. “Insurance firms could learn a lot from banking, and do more to show that they are responding to customer's requirements," he adds.

At Auger, we promise to do whatever it takes when you are the next person in our process ... using our bespoke technology and tenacious people because that’s our job. Our thanks to Insurance Business Mag for providing this lead.

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