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by Neil Wilks / November 23,2017 / Published in Auger Company News, Industry News,
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In committing to technology our aim is simple. To support the customer, and the insurer. Through our Clarity suite of apps, we are making a difference, providing them with information and transparency.

For years we have seen at first-hand, and heard from customers and other stakeholders, a number of key problems the insurance industry faces including complex processes, long claims durations and a lack of transparency when it comes to customer claims. Simply put, Clarity is a suite of mobile and digital applications for clients, customers, a national team of field engineers and internal operations. In the field of water mains and drainage, customers want a quick and efficient repair on a day and time to suit them. Most of the time customers simply want to know what is happening and when and their options from the service experts. Gravity, a customer app with an Uber-style tracking of an engineer’s journey, allows progress to be followed in real time on a map, with notifications and an updated estimated time of arrival. Equally, customers can sync their claim to Amazon Echo or Google Assistant – smart speakers which provide functions including information, news and weather. Using the Clarity suite enables customers to hear from their smart device the outcome of a claim – and a host of other details.

Updates are available in real time – customers can use an online chat service which could be one of our customer service champions or even ‘Newton,’ Auger’s chatbot utilising AI systems to answer questions. Using our software suite, customers can even see results from our field engineers, who use a software package called Atom. This is a bespoke app to capture findings and generate a report determining the outcome of a claim for the customer within minutes of completing an investigation. Finally, the Origin portal helps insurers to monitor customer sentiment and provide feedback designed to continually improve the process.

We have seen positive feedback across the board for Clarity, including a 20 per cent reduction in claims lifecycle across all claims. The customer receives a full report confirming liability on the same day as the site visit in 90-95 per cent of cases following enhancements to the Atom field engineer app. Customers using the Gravity customer app have a claim duration that is two days less than the average, while satisfaction levels of 99 per cent are reported by users who have used Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. These figures are firm evidence that Clarity has made great inroads not only into finding a solution for the practical issues faced by Auger and its customers, but has also created a model the insurance industry could benefit from as a whole. Neil Wilks, Head of Technology, Auger ENDS

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