Proud to Donate to the #BumpitForward Campaign

by Lauren Doheny / March 09,2021 / Published in Auger Company News,
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As the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out here in the UK, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us following this difficult year, with over 10% of our Auger workforce already having been vaccinated. Unfortunately, in other parts of the world, people are not in such a fortunate position, with the vaccine not expected to reach even the most vulnerable for many months. These countries are therefore fighting the second wave of the pandemic without the most basic essentials needed to help healthcare workers to protect themselves whilst they wait for vaccines to arrive.

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine started the #BumpItForward campaign to help frontline healthcare workers in African countries carry out their essential activities safely until the vaccine reaches them, by providing PPE and other vital equipment and supplies. They are asking that companies, where they can afford to, to donate the equivalent cost of a COVID-19 vaccine (£25) for each of their employees.

Auger are pleased to have exceeded this by donating £5,000 to this important cause, equivalent to 200 doses of the vaccine on behalf of our 140 employees. This donation will go towards purchasing reusable gowns, face masks and sanitation supplies for public health workers in countries such as Malawi and Zimbabwe.

‘We are in a privileged position in the UK to have access to freely available vaccines, and therefore believe it is only right and proper that those of us who can afford to support countries in a less fortunate position in their fight against this dreadful disease should do so. We are only too pleased to have donated the cost of having all of our employees vaccinated to this great cause’. - David Brewster, MD.

If you are interested in getting involved in the campaign, please visit to find out more.


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