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by Nicola Lyon / February 07,2019 / Published in Auger Company News,
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We take great pride at Auger that we have a focus for all of our training and knowledge development – the Auger Academy.

However, one thing is clear. This learning and development hub is not just a physical part of our business. It’s a way of thinking and a way of doing things. It is the people and their drive, ideas and innovation that makes it what it is today.

We are seeing the fruits of the Academy coming through as engineers develop from entry-level into lead engineers, and school leavers and graduates progress through technical, finance and IT teams. No matter what level or role, when you join Auger you gain entry into this experience.

For engineers, you will learn how to use industry-leading technology including bespoke software tools and apps which allow staff to access information quickly and easily and send all their information back directly from site wherever they are in the UK. The equipment used by our engineers is unequalled in the industry no matter what their expertise be it drainage, water, off-mains or subsidence.

From solving a leak at a customer’s house to developing a new app for insurance partners, everyone at Auger plays their part in helping to provide the very best in customer service, whatever it takes.

The level of training is flexible at all levels from assistant engineer training to management and leadership courses. We’re proud of our commitment to our staff, and we continue to lead the industry in this respect.

For our insurance partner clients, training of our staff means we won’t let them down and will continue to push our NPS score ever higher. For the customer at the end of the chain, we won’t rest until the job is done.

This is how we learn, how we get better and how we get the job done. This is the Auger way.

Nicola Lyon,

Head of Recruitment and People Development,


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