Our Diary Coordination Team

by Lauren Doheny / March 14,2022 / Published in Auger Family, Auger Company News,
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Our Diary Coordination Team are responsible for looking after the workload and schedules of our 100+ engineers. This not only ensures that our customers receive a swift service, provided by an Auger engineer with the correct capabilities, in order to resolve their issue, but it also means our scheduling is done in the most efficient way possible. 

When scheduling an appointment, our Diary Coordinators send the engineer who is in the closest range, and group together jobs located within a similar area on the same day, sending the same engineer in order to keep their mileage to a minimum. This is made possible through the use of our in-house developed Diary System within our bespoke Claims Management Platform, which helps them to effectively map out routes and determine journey times. 

Our Diary Coordinators and Field Support Team also have access to VerizonConnect's cloud-based platform, Reveal. This provides them with visibility of the locations of all of our engineers' vehicles at any time, using GPS fleet tracking, and allows them to monitor our mileage and fuel usage, as well as driving time, speed and style, including harsh braking, acceleration and cornering.

The data collected is used to monitor our drivers' safety, giving them safety score targets which are reviewed monthly. Where instances of dangerous driving are recorded, we are notified so that we can address this and ensure the safety of other road users. Keeping an eye on these metrics allows us further reduce our mileage whilst also guaranteeing that our fleet is driving in the most environmentally friendly way possible, keeping emissions to a minimum.  

These technologies have resulted in a 16% decrease in our average mileage per engineer between January 2020 and January 2022, and we aim to continue this trend into the future as part of our sustainability strategy. 


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