Our Customer Service Heroes

by Lauren Doheny / September 29,2021 / Published in Industry News, Auger Family,
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We strive to make each customers’ journey with us as pleasant and professional as it can be. Ensuring what can be a stressful experience runs smoothly wouldn’t be possible without the diligence of our colleagues, so we’d like to recognise some standout members of the team in light of Customer Service Week. 

As our Customer Relations Manager, Bethan Gee is responsible for ensuring that we are always delivering a service that we can be proud of. Bethan has improved and tightened our complaints processes, and handles any dissatisfaction from our customers with empathy and care, ensuring that a suitable resolution for all parties involved is achieved. The expert level of customer care that she applies to each instance of loss is what enables her to regularly turn complaints into compliments. As well as reaching resolutions for our customers, Bethan frequently conducts claims handling audits; by listening to multiple calls, Bethan is able to analyse tone, language and depth of explanation, as well as ensure that customer vulnerabilities are being accommodated to the best of our ability. This audit process encompasses randomly selected claims, as well as all complaints, allowing us to identify areas of our communication that could be enhanced. Tailored individual and group training sessions are then delivered by Bethan to target these areas and ensure that our claims area is delivering a consistently high standard of service across the board. This focus on customer service excellence has resulted in a 134% rise in compliment volumes since January 2021. 

Mark Elliot is a valuable member of our Drainage Investigation team located in the Midlands. Mark regularly goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers are taken care of, no matter the circumstances, most recently volunteering to drive an hour further away from home to restore a customer’s use of their facilities having already completed his two scheduled jobs for the day at 5pm. This is just one of the many occasions where Mark has prioritised our customers and shown that they can rely on us to be there to support them when they need it the most. 

Jonathan Lloyd, a member of our dedicated claims team, is committed to providing an exemplary level of customer care which is personalised and tailored to each individual’s needs. From first contact to resolution of the claim, Jonathan is always there to address any concerns and queries in a sensitive yet informative manner, and ultimately guide each customer through their claim journey. Jonathan is particularly good at supporting vulnerable customers, and has been known to spend 3 hours of his own time talking to a customer who was in need of an empathetic ear during a lonely period. Our customer left the call feeling comforted, reassured and grateful to have someone to confide in at a time of stress. This personal approach to claims is a true representation of customer service done ‘the Auger way’, and the reason our customers trust us to act with them in mind every step of the way.

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