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by Lauren Doheny / May 11,2022 / Published in Auger Company News, Auger Family,
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We've recently introduced a number of lead roles into our Claims Team, allowing our Claims Advisors to specialise in their preferred area and support the rest of the team with their expertise and experience.

In her role as Complex Claims Manager, Katy Downes is our go-to for everything off-mains. With a focus on improving our specialist claim journey, Katy nurtures our Complex Claims Team and expands the knowledge of her colleagues through training and mentoring, meaning our customers and clients receive expert advice from people who are in-the-know. Moving forward, Katy will continue to enhance this service, looking for new ways that we can deliver value to those involved in an off-mains claim.

Sophie Hatherly, our High Net Worth Lead, works closely with our HNW clients and customers, handling both commercial and domestic properties. Her aim is to deliver a faultless service that focuses on high quality customer care and accommodates the special quirks of the policies she works with. Sophie is experienced in helping those responsible for faith buildings through difficult claims, and recently trained her colleagues on how best to approach these cases.

As our Drainage Lead, Katie Johnson provides support to the team in handling domestic drainage claims, ensuring claims are progressed efficiently, whilst balancing both customer and client interests. As the first point of contact for drainage queries, Katie provides her team with the knowledge, training and guidance required to allow them to progress fast-moving claims without compromising on service excellence. 

Our Subsidence Lead, Calvin Rix, is responsible for managing our Subsidence claims service. By maintaining strong relationships with our labs, and using the expertise he’s gained pursuing his CILA qualification, Calvin aims to get these claims right the first time round, providing speed in what can often be a drawn out claim. To achieve this, he spends time analysing what causes our returns and making process improvements that will avoid them in future.

Within her role as Complaints Lead, Holly Xanthe Bowker provides guidance to our Claims Advisors when they’re helping a dissatisfied customer, ensuring that every effort is made to provide them with a resolution the same day, also acting as an escalation point when this isn’t possible. Holly makes sure our client and FCA reporting requirements are consistently met, and assists our Customer Relations Manager with monthly root cause analysis in order to guarantee a fair outcome has been reached in every case. In collaboration with our Service Excellence Lead, Holly's aim is to drive improvements in our service delivery that will keep our complaint volumes under 1%.

As our Operational Lead, Eleanor Cox is responsible for the management of workflow to make sure our team have the best chance of meeting their daily goals. She conducts a weekly in-depth review of open claims and monitors their progression to ensure that no customer slips through the cracks. By encouraging team spirit and boosting morale, Ellie's focus is on promoting a collaborative working environment where each of her colleagues feels supported and valued.

Joining our Complex Claims Team are Ana Clark, Senior Complex Claims Advisor, and Jake Lavelle, Complex Claims Advisor, who will work closely with Katy to deliver a smooth claim journey to our customers in more complicated circumstances. By taking the extra time to truly understand the complexities of their claims, their aim is to reassure our customers that they can rely on us to reach a resolution that works for everyone, and provide our clients with the detail they need to make high cost decisions with confidence.

As our newly promoted Service Excellence Lead, Charlotte Murray inspires our team to find new ways to delight our customers, encouraging them to take their service from great to outstanding. She does this through one-to-one call coaching sessions, where she spends time with each team member listening to a selection of calls and discussing the ways it could have been given that extra special touch; she also carries out a wide range of quality assurance activity and customer care training, particularly focussing on how we can best help customers requiring additional support. Charlotte’s already making a huge impact - our NPS score has risen to over 90 for 2022 so far, and we’ve been receiving compliments on 30% of claims.

We can't wait to see how our team continue to enhance our service delivery going forward.

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