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by Lauren Doheny / April 21,2021 / Published in Auger Company News,
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Our employees' development is our passion; this lead us to establish our Auger Academy in 2016 to train the next generation of Auger engineers. Our Academy programme benefits both our new recruits and long-term employees at Auger HQ and in the field by offering wide-ranging opportunities for professional development, further education and career progression. This includes welcoming those who have no skills or previous experience in our industry and providing the training required to excel.

New engineers joining our Auger Academy are partnered with two senior members of our team in their location, who are on hand to provide support, guidance and mentoring throughout the training period. Using our bespoke training platform, 'The Hub', our senior trainers can sign off our new starter's progress as they move through the programme from wherever they are in the UK, meaning our external operations team are always kept up to date. 'The Hub' also allows our new recruits to view their progress and current goals, as well as access training courses and 'toolbox talks'.

With the development of new skills comes transparent progression through our organisation, with regular six-monthly reviews to discuss development, set personal goals and establish how we can best help. Once ready, training engineers graduate from our Academy and officially join our team of fully qualified engineers. They are provided with their own extensively equipped vehicle and begin to undertake work independently, whilst still maintaining full access to the support of their mentors.

Since establishing our Auger Academy, we have seen 28 Academy Engineers graduate and become Lead Engineers, with another 19 currently moving through the programme. In addition, over 25% of our current internal team have accessed higher education or formal external qualifications through this project.

"I joined the Auger Academy as a Trainee Engineer in April 2016. I had no experience in Drainage but Auger didn't see that as a major obstacle. My enthusiasm and motivation to learn were recognised and I spent the next 18 months learning the role of a drain repair engineer. I had great support from my senior engineers and quickly became competent in a variety of areas. Graduating from the Academy, becoming a lead engineer and getting my own repair vehicle and equipment was a great moment. I now help nurture and develop the next generations of trainees in the Academy, which is really rewarding." - Danny Salisbury, Drain Repair Engineer.

If you'd like to join the Auger team, please visit https://auger.co.uk/careers/, or visit https://auger.co.uk/auger-academy/ to find out more about the Auger Academy.

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