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by Lauren Doheny / July 15,2022 / Published in Auger Company News, Auger Family,
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Auger has offered a site investigation service for subsidence for the last 28 years.

Our Managing Director, Dave Brewster, has extensive experience in the handling of subsidence claims. With a background as a Chartered Structural Engineer, Dave first became involved in the subsidence world in 1990, inspecting domestic properties and acting as an expert witness in structural engineering disputes. He founded Auger in 1994, to deal with the investigation element of subsidence insurance claims, and to further expand his consulting practice; Auger has since become a leading provider of services to the insurance industry for both subsidence and ADUS claims. Dave has dedicated much of his time to lending his expertise to his colleagues in the more technical aspects of handling subsidence claims, building a strong team of engineers, technicians and advisors to deliver a premier service.

Matthew Dalton, Subsidence Technician, is responsible for ensuring quality control of all on-site subsidence works. Following our visit, Matt reviews the site data sent in by our engineers and produces a report encompassing our findings and recommendations, which is then sent to the client. Having been mentored by Dave since the start of his Auger journey, Matt is now confident in producing high-quality reports and making technical decisions based upon our findings on-site.

Our Subsidence Lead, Calvin Rix, is on the front line of managing our subsidence claims service. Calvin ensures that every customer who makes a subsidence claim receives an efficient, quality service. By maintaining strong relationships with our labs and instructing Loss Adjusters, and using the expertise he’s gained pursuing his CILA qualification, Calvin aims to get these claims right the first time round, providing speed in what can often be a drawn-out claim. To achieve this, he spends time analysing what causes our returns and making process improvements that will avoid them in future.

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