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by Lauren Doheny / July 15,2022 / Published in Auger Company News, Auger Family,
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We handle every claim we receive with care, and our Drainage Experts help us do just that when a customer has an issue with their foul system. 

As Chief Operations Officer, Will Brewster supports his teams to confidently manage over 100 site visits a day nationwide. Will mentors his engineering colleagues find solutions to a range of drainage issues, helping them overcome challenges on site and put our customers' minds at ease. He also coaches our Technical Team on producing high-quality reports which make technical and liability assessments easy for our customers to understand. Most importantly, Will encourages collaboration between our Auger Engineers in the field and our Operations Team at HQ in order to deliver a seamless service to our clients and customers. 

Senior Drainage Technician Josh Andre has over 6 years' of experience at Auger handling the technical aspects of the claims we manage. Taking the lead on drainage, Josh oversees a team of technicians who review site data, assess liability and provide recommendations on how each claim should progress. Josh also provides training for new starters across the organisation, aiming to give them a better understanding of how our technical team operates and the journey of a drainage claim. Keen to develop his skills further, Josh is currently studying to become a Chartered Surveyor.

As a committed member of our Technical Support Team, Will Tyrer focusses on the personal and professional development of his on-site team. Will works closely with our Drainage Investigation Engineers to uncover solutions to our customer's problems, whilst prioritising the welfare of his team through promoting a healthy working environment where they can thrive. The result is a team who deliver a premier on-site service deserving of our NPS score of 90 in 2022.

During the past 2 years as an Auger Claims Advisor, Katie Johnson, our Drainage Lead, has played a key role in the handling of over 1700 drainage claims for a number of our clients. Day-to-day she provides support to the team in handling domestic drainage claims, ensuring they are progressed efficiently, whilst balancing both customer and client interests. As the first point of contact for drainage queries, Katie provides her team with the knowledge, training and guidance required to allow them to progress fast-moving claims without compromising on service excellence. 


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