Investing in the Well-being of Our Employees and Our Community

by Lauren Doheny / May 04,2021 / Published in Auger Family, Auger Company News,
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The effects of a turbulent have made this Mental Health Awareness Week even more important. Whilst we have long been supporters of mental health initiatives within our organisation and local community, we are always looking for ways we can do more to help.

To ensure our team are prioritising their mental and physical well-being, we have this year implemented a comprehensive health plan for all employees. Amongst its many benefits, this package provides access to a 24hr GP phoneline, face-to-face counselling or CBT sessions, and a 24hr advice line providing support with legal, financial and well-being concerns, in addition to cover for a host of other consultations or treatments (find out more here). The plan automatically provides cover for employees' children, as well as the option to add a partner, or increase the level of coverage easily. Our aim is to provide all at Auger with peace of mind that their family can access the help they need, when they need it.

We are committed to encouraging physical and outdoor activity amongst our workforce due to its proven positive impact on mental health, and as a result, active events have become an important part of our culture here at Auger. In addition to the discounted gym and health club memberships offered through our health plan, football games and a running club are weekly calendar features when COVID allows, with some of the team also taking part in 10k and Half Marathon events. To ensure our nationwide engineers can get involved, we completed a virtual 2800 mile walking, running and cycling challenge from Auger House to Sdiptech HQ in Sweden earlier in the year, and tie virtual active events into our fundraising schedule whenever we can. Active events are just part of the social side of Auger; we are committed to creating a strong support network across our organisation, where our employees have the opportunity to connect with eachother, bond as a team and develop friendships that can extend beyond the workplace. You can find out more about what our team get up to by visiting us on Instagram: @augerfamily

Prioritising mental health is at the forefront of our charity work and sponsorships. We regularly sponsor our employees' and their children's youth sports teams, expanding opportunities for communities to experience the benefits of team sports. We support Running Head First, a charity working to improve mental health through physical activity, through events such as the '12 Hours of Christmas Rowing Challenge', and have been an active donor to WEB Merseyside, who work to provide support to local women, men and children with complex needs through providing them with the opportunity to build their confidence and deal with the challenges of life, for nearly a decade. Collectively, the Auger team donated £50,000 to causes such as these in 2020.

We believe listening to what our employees need and want from us is one of the most important parts of prioritising their well-being. Although our doors are always open for individuals discuss whatever is on their mind, our employee NPS survey, conducted every 6 months, also gives all employees the opportunity to anonymously provide feedback on how we can improve the experience of being a member of the Auger team. A combination of this feedback forms the basis of future changes we make, and communication regarding these developments ensures everyone feels their voice is being heard.

Whilst we are proud of what we've done so far, we believe we can always do more to make Auger a workplace where all of our employees feel their mental and physical well-being is truly valued, and are committed to making a real difference.

To find out more about the charities mentioned above and how you can offer your support please visit, Running Head First:, and WEB Merseyside:

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