Investing in people - the Auger way

by Nicola Lyon / August 06,2018 / Published in Auger Family,
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In the headlong rush to meet customer demands, hit financial targets and keep pace with technology, businesses can be in danger of ignoring the most important asset they have for growth and innovation. Their people. At Auger, we put people at the centre of our business. They are not only employees, they are ambassadors whether they are claims handlers making daily phone calls from head office or engineers moving about the UK.

We are problem-solvers. From receiving a case, to clarifying the claim and finding the solution. Our engineers, equipped with their liveried vehicles and apps to keep them on schedule, answer calls and find a way around problems for our customers every day. This can be challenging, and to ensure they have the knowledge and the capability needed, we invest time in developing their skills. This means ongoing structured training across the board for all staff leading to industry-leading competencies.

Training includes assistant engineers being initially partnered in their area with two ‘buddies’ who are senior members of staff to look after them. This is supported by bespoke software tools and apps which allow staff to file information quickly and easily from wherever they are in the UK. Our investment in people never stops, and staff can see a clear path through the organisation for their career ahead.

The level of training is flexible at all levels from assistant engineer training to management and leadership courses. We’re proud of our commitment to our staff, and we continue to lead the industry in this respect. For our insurance partner clients, training of our staff means we won’t let them down. For the customer at the end of the chain, we won’t rest until the job is done, whatever it takes. This is the Auger way. Nicola Lyon, Head of Recruitment and People Development, Auger

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