Examining FNOL - first point of contact

by Augerian / July 06,2018 / Published in Auger Company News, Industry News,
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Insurers looking at ways to innovate and speed up the claims process would do well to examine how they handle the first point of contact with customers.

First Notification of Loss is arguably the most important contact insurers will have with their customers. This call offers an opportunity to explain the process and set expectation. More importantly, it offers a chance to listen to a customer’s needs, and give assurances that there are simple solutions to their issue. Likewise, the claims journey is one of the few opportunities for a customer to experience an insurer’s service delivery and discover what they have actually purchased with their policy. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, but a seamless, simple process is vital to customer retention. Why is it then that insurers often over-complicate this early part of the process? Certainly, it’s necessary to go through the data protection process, confirm cover and set up a claim – but this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Unfortunately, some insurers then expect inexperienced handlers to have protracted discussions over the detail of what can be a complicated claims category, such as drainage or water supply pipes. It may be necessary for the approved supplier to repeat these conversations and enquiries once instructions have been passed across. This is both frustrating for the customer and can start the supplier relationship on a negative note, especially if the customer has been misinformed about some aspect of the process, which is sometimes the case.

Insurers can’t expect handlers to know the detail of every category’s claim process, even with the support of specialist software. If an insurer is not in a position to fully integrate its supply chain, the answer is simple. Let trusted supply partners handle the majority of the call. Auger, for instance, is able to accept the warm transfer of a call, or if preferred, arrange for a customer call back within 15 minutes of the insurer setting up the claim. This reduces call time in a claims centre, and allows the experts to have an informed and productive conversation at the earliest opportunity.

By simplifying the process and keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do, Auger has even been able to improve its NPS score which is now at a market-leading 78. There is no doubt simple processes will improve customer satisfaction levels. Chris Cowen, Client relationship manager Auger

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