Employee Spotlight: Steven Carroll

by Lauren Doheny / November 01,2021 / Published in Auger Company News, Auger Family,
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In April 2018, Steven Carroll joined our team based at Auger House as a Technician, producing subsidence and drainage reports for our clients and customers. However, after having enrolled into our Auger Academy programme in 2019, he trained to become one of our Site Investigation Engineers based in the North West.

As a Technician, Steve played a key role in the technical aspect of the claims we manage, reviewing liability in line with the respective clients' policy and philosophy, and then producing a same-day report which encompassed an estimate for the repairs and / or a recommendation on how the claim should be progressed. As part of his role he regularly communicated with our engineering team, building strong relationships with his colleagues in the field. Through this exposure to the life of a field engineer on the road, Steve developed a keen interest in pursuing a career as an Auger Engineer. 

With no previous experience in this type of work, Steve joined our Auger Academy as one of our Assistant Drainage Investigation Engineers, and undertook the necessary training across 6 months to become a fully-fledged Auger Engineer. With the guidance of his assigned mentor and Senior Engineer, as well as access to training courses and 'tool-box talks' through our training platform, 'The Hub', Steve quickly developed the skills required for him to establish himself as a qualified Site Investigation Engineer.  Now a valuable member of our engineering workforce, Steve uses his knowledge of our technical review process to his work on-site to ensure he provides our technical team with everything they need to create a comprehensive report.

Upon reflection of his journey through the Auger Academy, he said "The Academy enabled me to pursue a career path that I never thought was possible for me, and one that I am now extremely passionate about. I feel like I am a part of not just a company but a community, where everyone is willing to help you out whether they are there lending you a hand on-site or offering advice and support on the other end of a phone. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my role, getting stuck in, meeting new people in new places - no two days are the same. I now feel confident in my ability to deliver a quality service for our clients and our customers, and I look forward to continuing my journey as an Auger Engineer into the future."

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