Employee Spotlight: Chris Simons

by Lauren Doheny / June 01,2021 / Published in Auger Family, Auger Company News,
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Chris Simons first joined our Claims Team as an Account Manager in September 2017. Before this, Chris began his journey into the insurance industry working as a Motor Claims Negotiator, where he effectively handled over 700 claims from first notification of loss, through to pre-litigated settlement. Throughout this role, he developed his excellent customer service skills, and built strong relationships with customers and clients alike.

Chris has also worked for the Christian Union where he trained and equipped university students to fulfil the vision of the organisation. He provided mentoring and coaching to individuals and groups, and executed educational seminars and workshops. His ability to provide a first class service, along with successfully coordinating, influencing and guiding a team made him an excellent candidate to join our Claims Team. 

Having become a Business Improvement Officer here at Auger in December 2019, Chris now mentors and guides our claims team, and provides them with high-quality training and resources to enable them to deliver a premier, personal service at the front line of our business. He has also had a hand in helping to manage and deliver our internal and external MI data, allowing him to establish a keen insight into how individual actions on the claims floor influence different aspects of the claims process for customers and clients. Chris takes pride in being able to successfully manage customer's expectations, and turn complaints into compliments by taking a dual approach of sincere empathy with the customer's problem and effective management of suitable solutions.

Outside of his role at Auger, Chris is part of the Leadership Team for his local church (Cornerstone Church Wirral), and has managed the Communications Team at the church since 2017. Within his role, he works to develop brand awareness and social media engagement, whilst managing all internal and external communications. This experience has allowed him to obtain skills in social media management, digital design and print design, as well as develop a passion for photography, skills which Auger has been fortunate enough to benefit from on several occasions. Chris is currently in the process of training his own team of volunteers, who can then take on some of his responsibilities, and allow him to focus on portraying the wider vision of the charity. 

Chris' diverse skillset means he makes highly valuable contributions to many different aspects of what we do, and we look forward to being a part of his continued professional development.


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