Employee Spotlight: Charlotte Murray

by Lauren Doheny / June 16,2022 / Published in Auger Company News, Auger Family,
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Charlotte Murray has been a part of the Auger team for the past 5 years, having started out in our Claims Area before progressing to Head of Complaints within our Customer Relations Department. Now, as our Service Excellence Lead, Charlotte is responsible for driving the delivery of our premier customer experience.

Charlotte's focus is on improving the quality of our service by inspiring our teams to find new ways to delight our customers. As the first point of contact on the floor for all customer-focused queries, she provides support and guidance to our Claims Advisors, encouraging them to take a customer-first approach to handling every claim, no matter the circumstances. 

Charlotte delivers training across multiple departments, aiming to build a culture of customer focus that is embedded in our operations. Through one-to-one call coaching sessions and group training, Charlotte focuses on some of the more technical aspects of our customer care such as call structure and language, as well as how we can help those customers who require additional support. In addition, Charlotte conducts file audits, and analyses the trends to identify areas of our service that can be improved.

This support means that when faced with a challenge, our Claims Advisors feel empowered to make the necessary decisions to reach a swift resolution for all parties involved. Charlotte's already making a huge impact in her role - our NPS score has risen to over 90 for 2022 so far, and we've been receiving compliments on 30% of claims.

As the Employee Wellbeing Representative within our Auger Council, Charlotte is the voice for her colleagues around how we can continue to support them and ensure Auger remains a great place to work. She encourages an open dialogue where people feel comfortable to bring their suggestions and feedback to her, and communicates any developments to let everyone know that their voice is heard. Her contribution to employee wellbeing is evidenced in our most recent review feedback, where 98% of our colleagues said that they feel valued by us, and 67% feel that they are highly valued.

Charlotte's commitment to our customers and her colleagues is unmatched, and we look forward to seeing how she continues to progress in her role.

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