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by Lauren Doheny / September 27,2021 / Published in Auger Company News, Auger Family,
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Bethan Gee, our Customer Relations Manager, first joined our Claims Handling Department 5 years ago as an Account Manager, having since progressed to be a valuable member of our junior leadership team. 

Having left school with uncertainty about her preferred career path, Bethan took on the role of an Auger Account Manager in September 2016. She quickly excelled, providing quality customer care by taking an empathetic yet fair approach to achieving a suitable resolution for her customers. After gaining some experience in our Diary Coordination Department, and progressing into a Team Leader role within our Claims Area following the completion of her Level 3 in First Line Management from the Chartered Management Institute, Bethan found her niche in handling complaints, filling the role of Customer Relations Manager since early 2021.

Bethan is the escalation point for all instances of dissatisfaction from our customers, managing them from the point they are raised to their resolution, in line with our robust handling and reporting processes. Bethan uses bespoke live reports to track all open complaints, enabling her to monitor and progress each one to the satisfaction of our clients and customers. By being in control from the start, Bethan can ensure the customer feels listened to and understood, and that a swift resolution can be reached. Since taking on her current role, Bethan has overhauled our standard complaints procedures and refined all accompanying documentation and dedicated training resources.

As well as carrying out in-depth complaints analysis, Bethan regularly conducts performance audits based upon our claims handling techniques, which include listening to multiple calls on randomly selected claims to identify areas of our communication that can be enhanced. The focus of her review is on the tone and language used by our team as well as the call structure, quality of explanation and process; specifically the identification and documentation of any customer vulnerabilities to ensure that we accurately accommodate each individual's needs appropriately. Bethan then delivers tailored individual and group training sessions, and provides comprehensive call listening training with emphasis on the more technical aspects of customer service such as identifying customer vulnerabilities and complaints handling. This focus on customer service excellence has resulted in a 14% rise in our compliments ratio since January 2021, and a 2.5% reduction in our complaints ratio over the last 6 months.

Keen to further her professional knowledge and skill set, Bethan has recently completed her Level 3 in HR from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, and is now working towards achieving her Level 4 in First Line Management.

Bethan's influence on high-quality customer care in our claims area is already evident - we look forward to seeing how she continues to enhance the customer experience at Auger in the future.

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