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by Lauren Doheny / April 09,2021 / Published in Auger Company News, Industry News,
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We are delighted to have been awarded the Investors in People Gold Accreditation in January 2020, placing us in the top 18% of accredited organisations in the UK when it comes to our approach to leading, developing and caring for our people.

In the 18 months since this achievement, we have continued to focus on strengthening our offering, engaging with our team and investing in their success, with the aim of being able to achieve the Platinum accreditation in the coming years.

To ensure all of our people are involved in and inspired by our vision and values, we have expanded our employee engagement team, whose role is to focus on enhancing employee culture through regular and transparent two-way communication regarding how we can make Auger a great place to thrive.

We have reinforced our review process, ensuring all employees undertake a face-to-face review with their line manager every 6 months, with an additional formal opportunity to provide feedback around how we can better support our team and provide them with what they need every quarter through our eNPS survey. At each review, we set collaborative goals which can be tracked and progressed through our training and development platform, to ensure each individual is provided with a personal, transparent development plan. All Auger employees also have access to a personalised online dashboard which allows them to view their progress each quarter in relation to various key metrics, goals and targets related to their role.

Our most recent project has been the implementation of a comprehensive health plan, designed to support the welfare of our employees and their families through providing access to valuable health and well-being services whenever they need it. To find out more about our health package, click here: 

We have continued to invest in our Auger Academy, which provides benefits to both our new recruits and long-term employees by offering wide-ranging opportunities for professional development, further education and career progression. We have also continued to expand our offering of apprenticeships across several departments to allow young people to kick-start their career. To find out more about our Auger Academy, please click here: About our Auger Academy, or visit our website at:

"Here at Auger, each role within the company is designed to contribute towards working to achieve our company objectives, encourage collaboration and most importantly, be rewarding. We are very proud to have been recognised for having the correct policies in place to effectively support our excellent workforce, and provide them with everything they need to thrive." David Brewster, MD.

To find out more about what this accreditation recognises, please visit

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