Should Home Owners ‘Wanna Cry’ Too

Chris Baranuik wrote something so sensible in BBC technology we just had to curate it, and pass the information on. He does not believe homeowners are particularly at risk to WannaCry, because most of us have modern software and equipment that already has the patches. If this happily includes any other computers on our local networks we should be okay.

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For corresponding reasons, businesses are more at risk of having unprotected equipment open to WannaCry attacks. Their data is also more critical. These factors leave them more open to ransomware assaults.

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Chris raises the interesting question whether we should pay at all if we fall victim. Since we are dealing with criminals, he doubts our £230 ($300) will be enough to soften their hearts.

Moreover, a human being has to deactivate the encryption. They would have to be silly to stick their necks out, given the heat that is on them now. Chris thinks ransomware payments in bitcoins are likely to sit in limbo forever on the dark side of the internet.

The criminals are also so unlikely to answer our call that it is simply not worth making. What he suggests we do instead is make regular backups. If our computers are still working, that sounds to Auger like a good idea.

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