Not Always a Sweet-Smelling Tree

“Keurboom” means a posh tree in the South African Afrikaans language. The tree is famous for its pretty, sweet-smelling lilac flowers. A Keurboom of a different kind has sprouted in Bedfordshire, where it reputedly made over 100 million automated nuisance calls. After more than 1,000 people complained to the Information Commissioner, it has gone into liquidation.

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The BBC reports that Keurboom concealed its identity when it called people repeatedly during “unsocial hours” to find out whether they qualified for road accident, or payment protection insurance claims.

When the Mirror quizzed the director at his £750,000 Cambridgeshire house we gather he replied, “I don’t enjoy receiving them but that doesn’t make them illegal. Annoying is one thing, illegal is another.

auger drainage and investigation services

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“It’s part of life isn’t it? We make and receive telephone calls.” Auger is happy to relate that the Office of the Information Commissioner was less than impressed by his unusual logic.

As they slapped on a £400,000 fine they are “committed to recovering”, an official apparently explained, “The unprecedented scale of its campaign, and Keurboom’s failure to co-operate with our investigation, has resulted in the largest fine issued by the Information Commissioner for nuisance calls.”

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