The Up Rising of the Kvarkens

The Kvarken Archipelago is where the Gulf of Bothnia narrows, bringing Sweden and Finland fifty miles close. In fact, only sixteen miles separate certain islands. There are proposals to bridge the gap the two governments deem too expensive. Someday this may no longer be necessary, for the land in the vicinity is rising 0.39 inches a year.

Auger drainage and investigation services

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The BBC reports the Last Ice Age buried the Kvarken beneath ice a mile high. The weight was such the Earth’s crust began to sink. Nature literally sprang back when the last glaciers dripped away. Currently, an area equivalent to 150 soccer fields resurfaces each year.

Auger drainage and investigation services

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This complicates life somewhat for Kvarken fisher folk. They may wake up in the morning and find their boats have moved yards from the sea. Moreover, global warming has ended sleigh races between the bits of land because the ice is thinner.

How strange, Auger ponders. While the British Isles are facing increasing flooding from the sea, the Kvarken’s rather wish it would. As one boat captain says, “You have to be adaptable out here. Take advantage of what you can. It’s the only way to survive.” Geologists think the land bridge will be complete in 2,000 year’s time. Do you suppose they will dig a canal. Will we still be using ships.

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