Plant Growth: Global Warming Flip Side

Population growth, industrial pollution, and global warming seem in a deadly embrace. And with them come droughts and food insecurity. The New York Times reports researchers have been trying to trace the increase in carbon dioxide saturation for ages. Finally, researchers at California University, Merced are on to it. And it has been beneath our feet in Antarctica all these years.

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Air bubbles trap in ice as it freezes. This air remains in time suspension until the ice melts, or something disturbs it. The Merced researchers have been doing the latter, and can trace the increase of carbon in the air down the centuries.

Auger drainage and investigation services

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Now here comes the really interesting bit. Carbon dioxide is plant food. Plants turn it into oxygen if we remember our school science lessons correctly.

The researchers reason that plants should be growing faster than ever before. Perhaps that is why there are more weeds in the office lawn.

However, and this is the nub, plants also require water, and nutrients in the soil in order to survive. So making more carbon dioxide is not going to feed the needy in Africa, Asia, and South America. However, reducing global warming will help. Auger asks you to pass this message on to those still making up their minds.

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